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ISBN-13: 978-1537719313  -  ISBN-10: 1537719319  -  ASIN: B01MTWQGWO

A post Brexit thriller set in Yorkshire


Young, naive and idealistic, all Nathan wants is to change the world for the better. Involved in the affairs of the Party for National Unity, from its inception, Nathan's progress is rapid. After the party seizes control of the country, his own ruthless actions bring him to a prominent position. Then, over a matter of days, his life falls apart. Arrested, brutally interrogated, his loyalty questioned, he is released into a world without family or friends. He is an outcast. Now, he knows the true nature of the monstrous regime he helped create.

Uprooted, Nathan is resettled in a city many miles from his hometown. Alone and under surveillance, he has time to reflect on his past deeds and on the increasing brutality of the ruling party. Before he can hope to atone for his past deeds, he must regain the trust of his masters. To his horror, he learns of a new and deadly threat to the population by the government. Soon, he discovers all he needs to know about love, lies and treachery. Dictatorship, abduction and insurrection are a heady combination for anyone to handle.



This story is especially relevant in today's world, where governments want to capture more power and control over their populations. The characters are strong, the action is exciting. The author has created a frightening situation that makes the reader stand up and take notice.
Patricia Perry - Author

"...a novel that twists and turns and is extremely poignant in the present political climate..."

Ronnie Brown - Singer/Songwriter.

Working and supporting a government of domination, Nathan Andrews, with a loving wife and two children, thinks he has a good life but when it all unravels - he is stripped of everything - job, wife, and children taken - he has to remake his life. After rebuilding his life, he learns he has been tricked again and is still in danger.

Love, Lies and Treachery shows a frightening side of governments when compared to countries around the world today. The storyline has as many twists and turns as a roller coaster and is quite the page turner. Brian Hill has provided strong characters and many countryside visuals of locations, especially when describing Nathan's walks, but can be considered a little excessive in places. This thriller has car chases and gunfights with a strong dash of love and romance.

I recommend that you check this one out. Definitely worth the read!

Kim Aalaie - Author

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