Born in 1951, Yorkshireman Brian R Hill was educated at Aireborough Grammar School in Yeadon near Leeds. He has a grown up family and three grandchildren. Brian lives close to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park. A keen amateur photographer, musician and composer, Brian derives much of his inspiration from the beautiful countryside of the region. A stroll through The Dales can provide Brian with a chapter full of ideas, although the areas he includes are often heavily disguised by the time the final draft is complete - Yorkshire, for example, is not famous for its volcanoes.


Before retiring, Brian worked in Clothing, Retail and Lighting industries. He now divides as much of his time between writing, walking, photography and music as he can. Brian has published three magic/ fantasy novels - 'The Shintae', published in 2007, with a 2nd edition released in 2017, 'Shadows from a Time Long Past' in 2011 and 'The Mastig', in 2017. In 2016, Brian published a post-Brexit contemporary thriller, 'Love, Lies and Treachery', set in his home county of Yorkshire, England.

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The Mastig  -  (Magic/Fantasy)


After days spent working in his father's fields, a young man, Amron, celebrates the end of harvest drinking with his friends. Intoxicated, he wanders away, into the darkness. Next morning, he wakes to find his world changed forever. People he thought his friends have burned the village and murdered its occupants. His mother is dead, his father tortured and left gravely wounded. Only now does the wayward son learn of his true position...    Read more





Love, Lies and Treachery  -  (Thriller)


Young, naive and idealistic, all Nathan wants is to change the world for the better. Involved in the affairs of the Party for National Unity, from its inception, Nathan's progress is rapid. After the party seizes control of the country, his own ruthless actions bring him to a prominent position. Then, over a matter of days, his life falls apart. Arrested, brutally interrogated, his loyalty questioned, he is released into a world without family or friends. He is an outcast. Now, he knows the true nature of the monstrous regime he helped create...    Read more




Shadows from a Time Long Past  -  (Magic/Fantasy)


The stranger, to whose aid Nerian comes, is young, beautiful and mysterious. Why is she so insistent he accept the gift of a Crook? It is a decision he soon regrets for he finds himself the target of a manhunt by the forces of the merciless Lord Sigeberht. But, instead of saving himself, why is Nerian risking his live to return the object?

Held captive within the tyrant's castle, Naomi, the Crook's Guardian, awaits her opportunity to escape. As Lord Sigeberht fails in his attempts to obtain the object, external forces take control of his mind, driving him blindly towards disaster...    Read more




The Shintae  -  (Magic/Fantasy)

...two heroes and a heroine, two opposing nations, an enemy steeped in evil, adventure, all-out war and The Shintae, the Stone of almost unimaginable power. Only one nation can survive...

After recovering The Shintae, an ancient relic of mystical properties, the Maraen warrior Kaer is surprised by the enemy and left for dead. Surviving his injuries Kaer is once more charged with retrieving The Shintae. With his companion Angharad, travels deep into the Cantaen Mountains in search of the object. Together and separately, Kaer and Angharad face great danger, adventure, natural disaster and all-out war before their arduous task can be completed...    Read more



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Brian R Hill's author page on Amazon

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