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The Mastig After days spent working in his father's fields, a young man, Amron, celebrates the end of harvest drinking with his friends. Intoxicated, he wanders away, into the darkness. Next morning, he wakes to find his world changed forever. People he thought his friends have burned the village and murdered its occupants. His mother is dead, his father tortured and left gravely wounded. Only now does the wayward son learn of his true position. Standing in the way of his destiny are the vast armies of the despot Betlic. This usurper, who overthrew the last King of Xicalima, has in his possession the two most powerful objects in the known world, the Talisman of Grebarta and the Mantle of Agetha. Confident in his powers, Betlic believes nothing can prevent him from ruling the world.


On expanding his empire, Beltic discovers that the ancient magic, which created his talismans of power, forged two other objects. If brought together, these magical items have the potential to crush his hopes. Hunted by both Betlic and Amron, each with his own agenda, can Marazin and Karilyn, the heirs to these objects, survive long enough to bring together their talents to combine the Scraufin and The Mastig? In doing so, will they be in time to thwart both the evil of Betlic and the desires of the inexperienced rebel leader, Amron?


Brian R. Hill's The Mastig is a journey well worth taking. The characters are well rounded; the scenery is breath-taking and the reader is quickly absorbed into the story - Patricia Perry- Author


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