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ISBN: 1541323025    ISBN-13: 978-1541323025    ASIN: B01MRBOM3Y


The Shintae - Front Cover...two heroes and a heroine, two opposing nations, an enemy steeped in evil, adventure, all-out war and The Shintae, the Stone of almost unimaginable power. Only one nation can survive...

After recovering The Shintae, an ancient relic of mystical properties, the Maraen warrior Kaer is surprised by the enemy and left for dead. Surviving his injuries Kaer is once more charged with retrieving The Shintae and, with his companion Angharad, travels deep into the Cantaen Mountains in search of the object. Together and separately, Kaer and Angharad face great danger, adventure, natural disaster and all-out war before their arduous task can be completed.

Standing in Kaer and Angharad's way is Sartae, an antagonist whose evil ambitions know no bounds. A leader, whose cruelty and hatred is known and feared throughout the lands. As the mission progresses, Kaer and Angharad receive help from the most unlikely of sources but in the end, they must use all their skill and knowledge to keep themselves alive. As the venture races to its explosive climax, even this may not prove sufficient.

"The Shintae, a mysterious stone with magical powers, is entrusted to the forest-dwelling Maraens. The Cantaens, the Maraens' enemies living in the mountains, steal the stone to use against them. The Maraen hero, Kaer, manages to get the stone back but is ambushed by a group of Cantaens and loses the Shintae to them. The race is on to retrieve the Shintae before the Cantaens learn to decipher the words that will set free its incredible power. Brian R. Hill's fantasy tale is richly told. His characters are strong, determined and dedicated to their tasks. They face many obstacles yet refuse to yield to any of them. Mr. Hill's story takes the reader on an incredible journey..."

Author Patricia Perry "Quest for the Source of Darkness"



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