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Shadows from a Time Long PastThe Shintae - Front CoverAdventure/Fantasy Novels by Brian R Hill

The Shintae

ISBN: 1-4137-8324-4

Shadows from a Time Long Past


ISBN: 1-4537-3704-9

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The Casualties Were Small

Wartime Poetry and Diaries of a Lincolnshire Seaside Villager

May Hill

Chapel St Leonards, Near Skegness, 1940-1944

Edited by - Tom Ambridge and Margaret Ambridge

May Hill began to keep a Diary not long after the outbreak of the Second World War. The strategically important East Coast area of Lincolnshire around Skegness had been transformed from a bustling holiday centre to an armed encampment. Butlins became ‘HMS Royal Arthur’ a huge Royal Navy training centre, RAF air bases sprang up throughout ‘Bomber County’ and soldiers were billeted in the villages including May’s Chapel St Leonards.


  May Hill’s WWII Diaries – Seventy Years On’ Blog

Building a literate nation  

Authors Without Borders was formed in the USA in 2008 by a diverse group of authors dedicated to their craft - Alistair Newton, Joyce Walsh, Alberta Sequeira, Patricia Perry, Willie Pleasants and Michael DeCicco

Authors Without Borders are available as a group, in any combination of members, or individuals to libraries, social groups, bookstores, conferences, or special events for:


-Readings/Speaking Engagements

-Panel Discussions

       - Novel Writing (Newton, Perry, Walsh)

       - The Writing Life (All)


   - How to Write a Press Release (DeCicco)

   - Poetry Slams (Pleasants)

   - Bring Your Manuscript to Publication (Sequeira)

   - Writing in Retirement (Walsh)

   - How to Become Your Own Publisher (Newton)

Starr Reina, Queen Author of Mysteries

ISBN: 1-4137-7203-X

A once blissful marriage turned sour. How much more could she take? Would this ever stop? Salina was married to an abusive man, Howard. But enough was enough. Salina took all necessary steps to leave and divorce Howard and start a life anew. 
In a small city in California, Salina meets Stuart, who she falls in love with. She worries that he will turn out to be another Howard. During the time she spends with Stuart, Salina is harassed and stalked by whom she thinks is Stuart’s brother's deranged ex-girlfriend Janice. To further complicate matters, a serial killer is on the loose selecting women who look like Salina. 
Then what Salina fears the most happens. What should have been a happy time in her life with Stuart turns into a nightmare when the serial killer kidnaps Salina. Will Salina be another statistic of the serial killer?

Fantasy Novels

by Patricia Perry

Quest for the Source of Darkness and its sequel, The Fortress of Darkness are fantasies infused with action, adventure, mystery, romance and, of course, magic. The stories revolve around the characters and the choices they must make to survive a variety of obstacles, whether real or perceived, encountered throughout the tales. The characters face a number of challenges while traversing through ancient forests, mysterious deserts, rugged mountains and stark landscapes. Enduring the rigors of nature, however, is trivial compared to the dangers posed by their fellow mortals. You need not be a fan of the fantasy genre to enjoy these books- just a fan of a breathtaking adventure filled with memorable characters.


My Anchor in this Dark Sea

by Rhonda Moats

 Genre - Poetry

Straight From The Heart  

ISBN 1-4241-0155-7


A World of Assassins - by Neil Davies


Humans are being murdered on the planet Dirve. No one seems particularly bothered, except the humans of course, but they don’t count. As long as the problem stays in the Human Sector it can take care of itself. But then the news leaks out, to Earth, to other galactic worlds. Tourism on Dirve begins to suffer, potential holiday makers worried the murders might spread to other races. Now Earth want to send a man of their own to investigate.

Detective Inspector Tom Gates is perfect for the job. Currently suspended for killing a murder suspect and something of an embarrassment to his superiors, he is an ideal candidate for an off-world investigation.

When he arrives on Dirve, two things are very quickly apparent to Tom. One, Dirves don’t like Humans. And two, the killer is a professional assassin. Tom should know. He used to be one himself….

ISBN 1413774245

Wallet of Death

By Naomi Chapman

ISBN # 1-4137-9704-0

One night while walking home from work Maggie Rogers is witness to a killing. Near the scene of the murder she loses her wallet with her ID, credit cards, a little money, and pictures. The killer finds it and ... 


Warrior Ministries of Oklahoma

The Website of 

Author Tom Ward


 "The Enemy Within"

ISBN 1-4137-3745-5


"Outposts of Hell or 

Portals to Heaven"

ISBN 1-4137-8594-8

The Event

by Gene Frechin

An adventure/horror novel featuring Jack Macklin as a man faced with insurmountable odds when he discovers that everyone has disappeared and the countryside is on fire. 

His journeys lead him to the discovery of other survivors and a rising evil in the world. With his group and the discovery of 'special' animal friends, Jack and his band face the ultimate challenge when good vs. evil in an epic final battle.

Vampire Slayer: One Foot in Darkness
Saving yourself, Can save the world!

by Dani A Camden


Emma Hogan hasn’t been the same since she and her twin brother were the only survivors from an attack on their family home two years ago. It was the same attack that claimed her right foot and forced her into a dangerous and thrilling new world. That night, her brother, Jimmy, and she learned the truth about the world that existed beyond what was perceived as real. That evil truly existed not only in stories but, demons, spirits and vampires did roam the Earth and were – in fact – responsible for the deaths of their parents and younger sister.


ISBN: 1-4241-0436-x 

In The Eye's Of A Grieving Daughter

by Kathy Fawcett

When a police officer comes to Katie's door to inform her that her parents have been in a serious accident, Katie's life changes forever. Rushing to the hospital, she discovers that her mother is dead and her father is seriously injured. While trying to be supportive of her father, Kate must deal with staggering grief of her mother, they had been very close. As she plans the funeral, Katie expects her family to be there for her; however, a cousin becomes uncharacteristically overbearing. Through it all, Katie manages to write a  farewell note to her mother, which she pins to the coffin.

ISBN 1-4241-1245-1
Soon to be released.

Click here for more details

Bittersweet Memories

By Jenny Katherine Luu

ISBN: 1-4241-0015-1

Torn between the father she respects and the man she adores, Grace chooses to follow her heart and her one true love. She leaves her family behind forever and elopes to Vegas with Johnny, believing that she would find happiness. But the wild city threatens to break the young couple apart with seduction, poverty, and alcohol. Will Johnny be seduced by the glamorous night life and betray his one true love? Will the demands of poverty and an unexpected pregnancy threaten to break them apart, or will Grace and Johnny's love shine through? Find out in this dramatic, heart-wrenching, coming of age story. 


Paperback Writer!

Website of Author

Penni Weston

Accidental Outlaw 

ISBN  1-4137-0457-3

Just A Little Love

ISBN 1-4137-5190-3

Derrick Sweat Sings The Blues, 

This is No Musical

by George Wilder Jr.

ISBN: 143766161

   A reader friendly fictional tale revolving around the very first African-American elected President of the United states. This is no musical, just like the subtitle mentions,  it does, however, have a musical underscore. The book is a political/crime drama and mystery. The reader will find that it is in no way like other books or movies about the White House.


Brian R Hill at AuthorsDen.com
Where authors and readers come together!


Brian R Hill is an Associate Member of Authors Without Borders

"The Casualties Were Small"   (May Hill's Lincolnshire Village Wartime Poems and Diary& Blog)

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